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Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC.

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Flyp was founded with one primary goal in mind: to help you get where you want to go in life. We’re flypping traditional banking on its head and will deliver a banking experience with all the bells and whistles without any hidden fees. We want to help you take control of your finances and make managing them simple, fun & easy. With Flyp, let’s put the odds of financial success back in your favor.

What you want. What you deserve. All in one banking solution.

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Gary Zukowski
Chris Floyd
BJ McAndrews
Corey Coggins
Josephine McArdle

did you know?

Big bank fees will continue to rise. High unemployment and the pandemic make every dollar especially precious these days. Why waste money on bank fees?

be part of the change

We all deserve access to quality, affordable banking services regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or age. At Flyp, we build partnerships that make a difference. Your local government officials, churches, universities, non-profit organizations help us spread the word and give the power of financial literacy back to our people.